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Rara Lake Trek

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Rara Lake Nepal is the largest lake of Nepal. Rara lake lies in the Rara National Park. Rara National park is the smallest yet most scenic national park of Nepal which spreads at an area of 106 square kilometer. Rara lake Nepal lies in the remotest Karnali zone, which is situated approx 375 kilometers north - west of Kathmandu. Due to difficult in its access the beauty of this lake remains undisturbed / untouched. Late king Mahendra used to visit Rara Lake to get rid of stress. In other word Rara lake was the refreshment center for the late King. Rara lake Nepal was the favorite lake of King Mahendra so this lake was also called as Mahendra Tal / Lake.

Rara lake trek is the off the beaten path trekking region so trekkers seeking for the loneliness and remoteness can visit this region. Most of the locals living in this region are illiterate. They don’t know about healthy habits, hygiene and sanitation. So, during the trek we can witness the locals of these regions wearing dirty clothes, un-groomed hairs, and black long nails full of dirt. Not only their bodies and clothes but their rooms and kitchen are dirty as well. These situations of the locals are all because of poverty and lack of education and awareness. Because of the poor economic situations of the locals of this region they cannot afford woolen and thick clothes so you can see them wearing thin piece of cloth to cover their body in the severe cold of the winter. They have small houses to live in. But even in these difficult situations you will see their smiling faces this may bring tears into your eyes.

In our Rara Lake Trek we won’t be trekking to the very high altitude. We will just be scaling the altitude approx 4000 meters from sea level. Rara Lake lies at an altitude of approx 3000 meters altitude. It is surrounded by green hills and snow capped mountains. There are two different viewpoints in near Rara Lake; one the Murma Top, and the other is Chuchamare danda. From these viewpoints we will be able to watch the magnificent sunrise views, the Himalayan ranges, and the top view of beautiful Rara Lake.

Rara Lake can be done by various trekking routes but there are no tea houses on the trail from Jumla but you must go on a camping trek. So, fastest route to reach Rara Lake is by flying to Nepalgunj form Kathmandu and again taking a flight to Talcha airport and then hiking for around 4 hours to the one of the most beautiful lake of Nepal. This lake is blue in color but keeps changing its color. It turns into yellow, orange, and green color if you keep your eyes in the lake in different part of the day.

If you still wish to do the camping trek to reach the Rara Lake your anxiety, pain of the trek will gets washed away as soon as you witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Rara Lake. During the trek we may witness some mammals like; musk deer, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, ghorals, jharals, Himalayan thar, and most importantly the endangered Red panda & yellow-throated martin. Apart from the winter, you can do the Rara lake trek all other seasons. During the rainy season there is very less rainfall in this region so the trek is possible. During the winter there is heavy snowfall so trek routes are all covered by snow and trek is impossible at this time. During spring the forests surrounding the lake blooms with flowers of various color and species so the lake looks spectacular than ever.  You can see the pine, spruce and juniper forests during your trekking.
Rara Lake is categorized in wetlands. During the winter seasons the various species of Siberian birds migrate to this lake to escape from the freezing cold of Siberia. So if you manage to come to Rara Lake in winter you can watch various species of birds. So many trekkers who have been to Rara Lake have given it a name “a paradise on earth”.

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Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
We take half an hour scenic flight to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is a town which is situated on the southern Nepal border with India. We will stay overnight in the hotel at Nepalgunj.
Flight Time: half an hour.

Day 02: Fly from Nepalgunj to Jumla (2370m) and trek to Uthugaun (2530m) 4 hours
We take another flight to Jhupal which take around 45 minutes and will ascent to Padmara valley. We follow the ridge by the river until we arrive at the small village of Uthugaun. We reach at a local school just opposite side of the river. We camp at the school.river.

Day 03: Trek from Uthugaun to Danphe Lagna (3500m) 5 hours
After breakfast, we start the journey through the narrow canyon to the village of Padmara. From Padmara, we climb to the Khali Lagna pass at 3550m through a deep pine and firs forest. While descending from the pass we walk through birches and rhododendrons forest and we come to Danphe Lagna, our camp site.
Trekking Time: 5 hrs
Height: 3500m Danphe Lagna
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 04: Danphe Lagna to Chautha.
Journey of this day starts with the steep descend through birch, fir and bamboo forests. We then come to the river and after crossing it we follow the same stream downstairs and after crossing a bridge, we follow the river downstream. Then our trail goes steep up crossing some water-driven mills to Kabra. From Bhara village, our trail descends to the Chauro Khola River to the village of Chautha. We camp at Chautha.
Trekking Time: 5-6 hrs
Height: 2770m.
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 05: Trek from Chautha to Dhotu
We continue to follow the stream uphill to Bhulbule. Bhulbhule is the Rara National Park entrance station. We climb gently to Ghurchi Lagna pass at 3450m which is decorated by chortens and prayer flags. From the pass we descend gently down to the village of Dhotu.
Trekking Time: 6-7 hrs
Height: 2380m.
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 08: Trek from Dhotu to Rara Lake.
We have easy trek with fine views to the north. We trek to through series of terraced fields down to a small stream. After crossing the bridge, we ascend to the Thakuri village. Then we climb gradually up through forest to a huge meadow atop a 3050m ridge with great overhead views of Rara Lake. Here, we follow the trail of the northern side of the lake.
Trekking Time: 4-5 hrs
Height: 2980m Rara Lake
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 09: Exploration Day at Rara Lake
Today is exploration day. After a breakfast, we walk around Rara Lake which is a home for different kinds of fishes and other marine animals.  We will explore around the area including the old village of Rara where we can also climb up to the wooden observation tower behind the post office.
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 10: Trek from Rara Lake to Gorusingha
We follow the trail from Khtyar Khola to Majhghatta from the western end of the lake. Then, we descend gradually to the river leading straight up to the hill climbing through pine and rhododendron forests. Approx. 5 hours trek will take us to Gorusingha. We stay overnight at Gorusingha.
Trekking Time: 6-7 hrs
Height: 3190m Gorusingha
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 11: Trek from Gorushingha to Sinja
After the breakfast we start the trails following the Sinja Khola down to Sinja. We will be escorted by scenic views and small villages.  After 5 hours trek we reach to the village of Sinjae. Thios village has got Old Malla Durbar and Tripura Sundari Temple. We stay overnight at Sinja.
Trekking Time: 5-6 hrs
Height: 2440m Sinja.
Overnight: Tented Camp.

Day 12: Trek from Sinja to Jaljala Chaur
We startwith gradual downhill walk and cross the Sinja Khola. And head towards to Dhobi Khola passing scenic views.  Just after passing a few villages, we cross back and forth across the river on a series of bridges. And we will be at Jaljala Chaur. We stay overnight at Jaljala.
Trekking Time: 6 hrs
Height: 3270m Jaljala Chaur.
Overnight: Tented Camp

Day 13: Trek from Jaljala Chaur to Jumla
After the breakfast we ascend through forest to another meadow which is just below the ridge at 3510m. After enjoying the mesmerizing view of pastures and valleys we descent to Jumla. Stay overnight at Jumla.
Trekking Time: 5-6 hrs
Height: 2370m.
Overnight: Jumla.

Day 14: Fly from Jumla to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu
We take a short scenic flight from Jumla to Nepalgunj. We will connect to the scheduled flight to Kathmandu today. Upon arrival back to Kathmandu you can celebrate the triumph  of

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